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My name is Zoe. I'm a 19 year old. I'm an unashamed feminist, atheist, LGBT friendly, left wing as fuck, and a Beatlemaniac. Feel free to talk to me or ask me a question whenever. I might bite...
Developing the ability to piss other people off (or even to RISK pissing them off) without knuckling under is pretty much the Holy Grail of emotionally abused kids, I think. We are programmed to respond at the first sign of displeasure, and we don’t have the faith in ourselves and our decisions to weather the storm– or even a mild sprinkle– so we tend to freak out as if the world was ending if a cloud crosses the sun. We freak out about the possibility that we’re wrong, that we’re doing the wrong things, that we’re making the wrong choices, that we’ll make someone angry, because there’s this awful certainty lurking at the back of our minds that says “If you do the wrong thing, you will be in TROUBLE.” And being in TROUBLE is the worst thing, ever, because that part of our brain is forever three years old where our parents are our whole world and being in TROUBLE is the end of everything.

It takes a lot of practice to gain that sort of gut-level knowledge that we’re strong enough to handle this stuff and that the world doesn’t end if someone else is angry at us. It’s not an innate quality that some people have and some don’t; people who grow up in non-abusive homes learn it when they’re young, is all, and the rest of us have to learn it when we’re grown up. And it sucks, and it’s not fair, and it’s not fun, but there’s no getting around it, and you can do it, you CAN.

You can piss people off.

You can be wrong.

You can fuck up.

You can do stuff that everyone thinks is weird.

AND IT IS ALL OKAY. The world won’t end. You will still be a good person. And the likelihood is that most of the things you do WON’T be wrong, and WON’T piss people off, and WON’T be up-fuckery, and WON’T be weird, but if it is? The hell with it; fix it, if necessary, and move on.


cats are so fantastic i love everything about them. they can see well in 1/6th the light level we need. their total nose organ is larger than ours and has something like 19 million nerve endings (we have about 5 million). they can detect nepetalactone (the active substance in catnip) at about 1 part in 1 billion. they drink through spectacular cat magic rather than noisily scooping water like a dog. their whiskers are incredible and are rooted much deeper than regular furs and allow them to detect tiny stimuli like breezes. the whiskers on the face are also usually roughly the size of the main body of the cat, allowing it to judge sizes of openings that it wants to use. they are able to really acutely judge balance bc of the canals in the interior ear- they rotate their head until the fluid equalizes and then the rest of their body shifts to make sure they can land perfectly on their cute little feets. they have like 30 muscles to control ear movement to aid in directional hearing and as ways to communicate and display emotion. cats walk super precisely because as they move forward, they place each hind foot in almost the exact same position that the front foot was previously in, allowing them to walk on precarious surfaces and also minimizing the sound each step makes and footprints, making them harder to track! their claws retract, keeping them sharp and cutting down on the noise of walking?? i love cats

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#my environmental science teacher was demonstrating how pumice can float#so she just went around the room dropping them into people’s water bottles#but one of them didn’t float#so then she lit a match and dropped it into the bottle#and it blew up#that’s how we found out that the kid was drinking alcohol at school x